Our clients have faced every one of the following challenges and more. Sometimes they ask for executive coaching, just-in-time coaching, formal training programs and workshops and other times, simply to give our best advice.

Does anything here look familiar to you?

You wonder about coaching for yourself

  • You’ve been promoted. You’re playing in a bigger arena and expectations are high. You need to step up your game.
  • Your 360 report has identified your development goals: Communication, command skills, presence. You’re not quite sure what it means or how to translate the feedback into behavior change.
  • You’re overdue for a reality check. You’re not sure what you’re doing well, need to do better, the messages you send and what people really think of you.
  • You’re the big boss and everyone tells you you’re great (they want to keep their jobs), but few offer specific, constructive feedback. You know there’s always room for improvement.
  • You could use a neutral sounding board to think things through, talk things out, gain perspective.

You have a significant event coming up

  • Interview
  • Press conference
  • Analyst briefing
  • Road show
  • Presentation at a professional conference
  • New business presentation
  • Finalist presentation for a major piece of business
  • Presentation to the Board
  • Announcement
  • You’re the Master of Ceremonies at an awards banquet
  • Town hall
  • Speech
  • Tough interaction – a debate, negotiation, conversation

You want to invest in your people

High potential, future leaders of the company need to:

  • Make clear recommendations
  • Present confidently to your best customers
  • Be consultative when talking to clients
  • Manage tough questions and people with ease
  • Strengthen their presence
  • Tell the company story more effectively
  • Increase their personal awareness
  • Be spokespeople when the media calls
  • Simplify complex material: technical information, visuals, charts and graphics so people get it
  • Become better at coaching their team and giving constructive feedback that people can hear and accept